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This year NUS turns 100! Our official birthday 10th February 2022. This is a birthday that belongs to all of us.

A century of students and student unions being a part of this unstoppable movement pushing society forward on the big issues facing each of their generations: war, fascism, oppression, poverty, universal public services.

Today’s students are facing today’s challenges with just as much resolve: climate crisis, mental health, economic injustice, and liberation from oppression.

NUS is now made up of two shoulder-to-shoulder organisations: one focused on national campaigning (NUS) and the other on supporting students’ unions to thrive (NUS Charity).

NUS. National Union of Students

is the UK’s student movement, made up of more than 7 million students. We empower students to transform their education and communities.


supports and connects excellent student unions across the nations through training, services and networks.

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