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Ahead of the curve

  • We secured healthcare on campuses (‘Student Health’ Report, 1937) – over a full decade before the NHS was founded.
  • NUS-USI was established in 1972 under a unique arrangement where both the British and Irish national student unions jointly organised in Northern Ireland to promote student unity across the sectarian divide. An idea which seemed radical at the time, a full 26 years before the Good Friday Agreement.
  • We were the first organisation in the UK to pass policy in favour of gay rights in 1973
  • NUS was the first UK organization to have a policy on Welsh language.
  • First elected Trans Officer in Europe.

Fighting for students & society

  • As part of the international student movement we named 17th November as International Students Day.

  • We’re the reason students don’t have to pay council tax. 

  • We proved in court that the government wrongly deported 48,000 international students.

  • The NUS Women’s Campaign played a key role in ensuring that a move to restrict abortion rights was defeated in parliament.

  • In 2012 the NUS LGBT campaign was central to the decision to end the blanket ban on gay men donating blood.

  • NUS Scotland was instrumental in getting tuition fees abolished for undergraduates in Scotland.

  • We got postgraduate loans introduced and then we got the age caps removed. 

  • Following period poverty campaigning, the Scottish government was the first in the world to provide free menstrual products in every school, college and university.

Student Travel & Discounts

  • We developed what became the International Student Identity Card (ISIC).
  • We established Endsleigh Insurance in 1965 to provide services to students
  • We got student railcards introduced and then extended to 16–17-year olds. 
  • We champion student discounts with TOTUM (previously NUS Extra card).

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